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Unit 6 Assignment 1 Missing Information On Credit

HW: Vocabulary Chapter 17

Reminder: *Study “New England Renaissance: 1840 – 1855” (Begins on Text p. 223)

   Emerson                  Thoreau                   MLA

   Melville                   Lawrence & Lee

Commas                  Semicolons                    Colons

*** Order/purchase/borrow The Great Gatsby ***You Have Time

***Must Have Novel In Class                      ***For Home: Also Available Online (Full Text)

Day 118

Due: Vocabulary Chapter 17

Review: Transitions & Transitional Devices & Advancing Sentence Structure (Writing Guide P. 30-33)

Revise Transitions, Add Transitional Devices & Advance Sentence Structure (Writing Guide P. 30-33)

Hint: Advance/Combine Sentences Where 2 Sentences Meet--As Long As It Is Not A Citation Or A Paragraph Change

Visible Editing/Advancement of Outline: Write Edits!

Essay Development

Handout: Research Outline to Essay (Writing Guide p. 29)


1. Copy & Paste Outline to Form Essay (Before Outline, Works Cited, and Annotated Bibliography) on Google Drive  DO NOT DELETE THE OUTLINE

2. Format Outline Into Essay & Add Transitions/Transitional Devices to Essay W/ Citations (Before Outline, Works Cited, and Annotated Bibliography)

3. Update Date & PRINT (Step 17)

Day 119

Due: Step 17: Formatted Essay W/ Citations, Transitions, & Transitional Devices (Before Outline, Works Cited, and Annotated Bibliography) on Google Drive & Printed

Lab: Completion & Printing Of Persuasive Essay & Works Cited– 3 Copies

1. Self-Edit (On Step 17) Essay Using Word for Help (Spell, Grammar, and Style Check)

2. Revise Essay    *Note: Revise in GoogleDocs (Not Word) & Update Date

3. Type at Top of Essay Copies (All 3)

a. Word Count For Essay Paragraphs: _____ Words

-Use https://readability-score.com

b. Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level For Essay Paragraphs: F-K = _____

-Use https://readability-score.com

4. Update Date & Print Revision: 3 Copies of Essay & Works Cited; (Step 18 a, b, & c)

Update Process Checklist:

19. Revised From 18A, 18B, & 18C; Complete Essay, Outline, Works Cited, & Annotated Bibliography (Final Revision)

Final Word Count

247Perc cardiovasc proc w drug-eluting stent w/o MCC280 05SURG1.9911293Heart failure & shock w/o CC/MCC246 05MED0.6751192Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease w/o CC/MCC218 04MED0.7072Totals14962002.6282CMI1.33865Instructions for calculating the above values: 1. To find the “volume” when it is unknown: Divide the “weighted average” by the “RW”: 880.026/2.0953= 420 cases (volume)2. To find the “Weighted Average”:Multiply the “Volume” by the “RW”: 332 * 0.7375 = 244.853. To find the “RW” when it is unknown: Divide the “weighted average” by the “volume”: 557.508/280 = 1.99114. To find the Totals: a. Add all the volumes together: = 1496b. Add all the weighted averages together: = 2002.62825. To find the CMI (Case Mix Index): Divide the Total Weighted average by the Total volumes: 2002.6282/1496= 1.33865By convention, CMI is calculated to the fifth decimal points and rounded to four: 1.3387CMI = 1.3387Please complete the following table by completing the calculations and filling in the missing information. Once complete, determine the Case Mix index for the table. MS-DRGMS-DRG TitleVolumeMDCTYPERWWeighted989Non-extensive O.R. procedures unrelatedto principal diagnosis w/o CC/MCC2008SURG1.0583392Esophagitis, gastroent & misc digest disorders w/o MCC20006MED0.7375194Simple pneumonia & pleurisy w CC295 04MED0.9996405Pancreas, liver & shunt procedures w MCC280 05SURG5.7167388G.I. Obstruction w MCC05MED0.6603

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