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How To Do A Social Studies Fair Research Paper

by Vicki Troesser
  A. Learn how to do Social Studies Project.
  B. Learn how to do a research paper.
  C. Experience giving a speech in front of people.
  D.Learn to get information from different sources and places.
  E. Learn what the Region V Social Studies Fair is. 

           Lined paper
           Projection scope
           Flat border
           Construction paper 
           Unlined paper
           Colors or pencil colors

     A. Pick out a topic
           1. Something you like
           2. Something you know about
           3. Something that would interest others
           4. Something different

     A. Backboard
          1. How to make your board eye catching
          2. The title
          3. The subtitle
          4. What colors to use (3)
          5. What kind of border to put around your backboard
          6. The layout
                a. Middle
                b. Right
                c. Left 
     B. Bottomboard
        1. Display
                a. Model

    C. Learning the parts of the research paper
    D. Making the final copy
        1. Title Page
        2. Table of Contents
        3. Abstract
        4. Body
        5. Conclusion
        6. Bibliography
    E. Make a Speech on the Project
        1. Make note cards from the information on the backboard
    F. Grades on the Project 
        1. Backboard
        2. Rough Draft
        3. Final Copy
        4. Bottom board
        5. Speech
        6. Bonus grades for everytime you place in a Fair
              a. School Social Studies Fair 
              b. Regional V Social Studies Fair
              c. State Social Studies Fair

  G. Conclusion 
          Ready to compete in a Social Studies Fair

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