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St Andrews High School Worthing Homework

By Barbara Daniels, 2nd Grade

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School believes strongly in the value of teaching good habits to students early.  We believe that instilling good study habits now will lead to success for our students later in life.

We begin to teach our children habits that will lead to a healthy lifestyle from birth.  We read and sing to them before they are even born because we want them to love to read. We introduce them to a variety of foods that will help them grow up to be big and strong and establish bedtime routines to ensure adequate sleep.  We teach them personal hygiene skills like brushing their teeth and taking baths and make time every day for physical activity. At St. Andrew’s we believe teaching them the importance of homework is another essential habit that will help lead to a healthy, and disciplined lifestyle.

Why is homework so important at St. Andrew’s?  It is important because education is important. St. Andrew’s is dedicated to enriching the mind, body and spirit of each student.  Our students routinely complete homework. They view their education differently, and value the importance of learning.  At St. Andrew’s we help them understand that schoolwork is a priority, and that learning at school and practicing at home is a the cornerstone of their education.  The discipline that comes with completing homework will help them achieve greater lifelong success.  Homework helps develop children’s senses of initiative and responsibility.  These  attributes play a large role in their long-term academic development.  Homework improves thinking and memory and helps children develop positive study skills and habits that will serve them well throughout all aspects of their lives.

Homework is important for parents too!  What better way to see what your child is learning at school? Working together will give you the opportunity to talk about the things that excite, frustrate, inspire, or confuse your child.  These few minutes a day will help you find out your child’s areas of strength and areas in which greater help is needed.

At St. Andrew’s we believe homework is a vital component  of the home/school connection.  Homework allows students to practice the skills they learn during the school day, it gives parents a glimpse into what their children are learning every day and it helps students learn the value of completing a given task without much adult intervention.  The teachers at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School want all children to have the Healthy Homework Habit!


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