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Vinyl Azides Synthesis Essay

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  • Formation of Functionalized 2H-Azirines through PhIO-Mediated Trifluoroethoxylation and Azirination of Enamines


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  • Fragmentation of Carbohydrate Anomeric Alkoxyl Radicals. A New Synthesis of Chiral β-Iodo Azides, Vinyl Azides, and 2H-Azirines

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  • Preparation of Novel Haloazide Equivalents by Iodine(III)-Promoted Oxidation of Halide Anions

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  • Reaction of N-Vinylic Phosphazenes Derived from β-Amino Acids with Aldehydes. Azadiene-Mediated Synthesis of Dihydropyridines, Pyridines, and Polycyclic Nitrogen Derivatives

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  • Molybdenum(IV) Complexes as Efficient, Lewis Acidic Catalysts for Allylic Substitution. Formation of C−C and C−N Bonds

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    Synthesis of vinyl azides

    Recent Literature

    A general silver-catalyzed hydroazidation of unactivated terminal alkynes with trimethylsilyl azide in the presence of water afforded the corresponding vinyl azides in good to excellent yields. This reaction has a broad substrate scope, good functional group tolerance, simple operation, and high reaction efficiency, thus providing an easy access to various functionalized vinyl azides.
    Z. Liu, P. Liao, X. Bi, Org. Lett., 2014, 16, 3668-3671.

    The nucleophilic addition of sodium azide to 1,2-allenyl esters regio- and stereoselectively generates vinyl azides in excellent yields. A sequential reaction for the synthesis of pyrroles using 1-allyllic 1,2-allenyl esters as substrates is developed on the basis of a domino process involving nucleophilic addition, cycloaddition, denitrogenation, and aromatization.
    X. Huang, R. Shen, T. Zhang, J. Org. Chem., 2007, 72, 1534-1537.

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