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Probation Effectiveness Essays

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Today there are several options a judge can grant an offender in regards to the punishment they shall fulfill before or after trial. This refers to any way ranging to non imprisonment yet supervised ways used to deal with criminal offenders who are facing conviction or who has been convicted.. There are punishment an offender may receive such as fines, community service, electronic surveillance also know as house arrest, shock probation, intensive supervision, residential community supervision etc. The most common punishment used by the justice system is probation as well as parole. Probation is the release of an offender from detention , subject to a period of good behavior under supervision. An individual may be granted probation as an…show more content…

However, both the shock and split probations have the same features, jail and some community service. The use of shock probation in America lies between two philosophies: classical and positivist. The classical believes that the criminals choose their actions, therefore there is a need for them to be punished in order to prevent future offenses. On the other hand, the positivists believe that the offenders committed the offense without their own will and therefore the conditions that led to the offense should be corrected in order to rehabilitate the offender. While these are two different point of views there has not been any research that states that one is effective and the other isn’t or that one is more effective than the other. The above factors therefore lead to inconsistency in the application of probation in that the application of probation lies in the hands of few selected individuals such as ,the prosecutor and the judicial system. Meaning every case will be handled in a different way and there are no strict guidelines indicating a specific sentence for a specific crime. Another alternative commonly used in the United States is Intensive Supervision. Intensive Supervision is an offenders last chance at probation. At this stage the ISP probation officers supervise a

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