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Gerontology Essay Questions

Program Budget and Cost Analysis

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Program Budget and Cost Analysis

Line-Item Budget for an in-Service Dementia Care Training Program

Florida now requires all direct-care staff working with dementia patients to receive specialized training. The curricula offered must be vetted by the Training Academy of the University of South Florida's Policy Exchange Center on Aging, otherwise assisted living facilities, nursing homes, adult day care, and hospices will be unable to accept patients with dementia into their facilities. In order to meet these statutory requirements and improve patient care, an in-service training program in dementia care will be instituted for a hospice facility located in Florida.

The Hospice House in Cape Coral, Florida maintains 36 beds for patients with terminal illnesses. On average, a little over 60% of the residents suffer from dementia at any one time, which is consistent with national trends (Williams, Hyer, Kelly, Leger-Krall, and Tappen, 2005, p. 98). The number of patients tends…… [Read More]


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Gerontology is a science that interlaces with many other disciplines like biology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, politics, etc. It is a field of studies that explores the process of aging. The most important aspects of this science are monitoring and studying the physical changes of people growing old, their mental alterations or adjustments in their social lives. While you may not study gerontology as your major or even secondary course, it can become a good topic for a thesis paper within your biology, anthropology or sociology class due to their tight connection with the science of aging.

Why should you consider writing an academic paper within this discipline? Because lately the number of elderly has been rapidly increasing, and it means that in the nearest future the demand for gerontologists will grow. The experts predict that by 2050 every fifth person on the planet will be 60 years old. These people will need a special approach to being cared for, treating their mental as well as physical diseases and being a member of modern society. This is an extremely interesting field, that’s why we’ve put together a list of thesis topics in gerontology. By writing an academic piece on one of them, you will understand whether the science of aging sparks your interest or not.

  1. 2017 Discoveries on Aged Brain: the Biological Base of Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  2. Age Discrimination at Work and How Americans Fight It
  3. The Psychological Problems of Middle-Aged Men
  4. How Elderlies Cope with Rapidly Growing Technologies
  5. The Difference in Male and Female Sexuality in the Process of Aging
  6. What Is Successful Aging in the 21st Century?
  7. Middle-Aged Women with High Income: Motivations and Inspirations
  8. Sandwich Generation: Current Numbers and Future Prospects
  9. Older People Abuse and How the Law Protects the Elderly
  10. The Overview of the Elderly Care in the American Society: Special Facilities, Support Systems, Personnel Training, etc.
  11. The Early Wearing of the Body and How It Can Be Prevented
  12. The Possibility of Eliminating Aging on the Genetic Level
  13. How the Damaged DNA Correlates with Growing Old
  14. Cross-Cultural Communication Aspects of the Elderly
  15. Different Methods for Treating the Geriatric Depression
  16. The Connection between Depression and Health Decline within the Older Generation
  17. The Pitfall of the American Retirement System and the Consequences of it for the Elderly
  18. Education Opportunities for Older Generation in 2017-2018
  19. Social Work in Gerontology: the Biggest Challenges of Choosing the Right Approach
  20. How Europe Is Preparing for the Rapid Growth of Elderly

Take these topics and brainstorm the title for your thesis paper that will really appeal to your interests and preferences. Writing on gerontology might become a challenging, but exciting experience as you may discover truths valuable not only for you academic paper but for communicating and living with the elderly in general. So, go ahead and write the thesis that will impress the professor and yourself as well.

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